This site endeavours to contain every charity entry in the public information that the Charity Commission for England and Wales publishes, when obtained.

The information in this site is not guaranteed to be current, nor accurate, but is it provided in good faith. Each entry on this site includes a date showing when the information was last fetched from the Charity Commission.

The information on pages that this website links to are not extensively checked, and I cannot guarantee their accuracy. I have no control over such pages.

This website is not a public service. It is made by a private individual, with the intention of doing something useful. Requests to change anything that is not editorial, cannot be acted upon since I have no authority to amend trusted information from the Charity Commission. This website is not synced with the Charity Commission in real time, nor is there any pledge to sync at any specific interval. You may be seeing information that is years out-of-date, but this should be clearly reflected on the page in question.

A note about search engines: I have no control over search engines, and if they directed you to a page on this site. A search engine directing you here is not an endorsement by anyone, nor an indication that anyone else will be directed here when looking for information about a particular charity. This is an extremely low traffic website, and a page you found may never be seen again by anyone.

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