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Info about: Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Charitable Fund

Charity Number: 1053113
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check

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This charity has a purpose described as:

For any charitable purpose or purposes relating to the national health service


Please go to the Charity Commission website for the complete official details.


The list below contains all names that Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Charitable Fund did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 1053113
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Charitable Fund Disambiguate1053113-0, (AN) active-100227583
Buckinghamshire Hospitals Disambiguateas above, working name-182900
South Buckinghamshire NHS Trust Charitable Fund Disambiguateas above, prev other-182911
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Disambiguateas above, working name-182925
WYCOMBE Hospital Disambiguateas above, working name-182960
Buckinghamshire Health Care NHS Trust Charitable Fund Disambiguateas above, prev other-526485
Doris May PIERCY Bequest Disambiguate1053113-1, (AN) active-100242634
South Buckinghamshire NHS Trust General Research Charity Disambiguate1053113-2, (AN) active-100242644
South Buckinghamshire NHS Trust Charitable Fund Disambiguateas above, prev other-436320
South Buckinghamshire NHS Trust General Amenity Charity Disambiguate1053113-3, (AN) active-100242645
The South Buckinghamshire NHS Trust (Expendable Funds) Common Investment Fund Disambiguate1053113-4, (AN) active-100249555
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Paediatric Ward Charity Disambiguate1053113-5, (AN) active-100286516
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Hailstone Rhumatology Research And Education Charity Disambiguate1053113-6, (AN) active-100286517
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Spinal Injuries Childrens Charity Disambiguate1053113-7, (AN) active-100286518
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Chemical Pathology Charity Disambiguate1053113-8, (AN) active-100286519
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Burns Unit Charity Disambiguate1053113-9, (AN) active-100286520
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Interface Charity Disambiguate1053113-10, (AN) active-100286521
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Special Care Baby Unit Charity Disambiguate1053113-11, (AN) active-100286523
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Paediatric Amenity Charity Disambiguate1053113-12, (AN) active-100286524
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Spinal Injuries Research Charity Disambiguate1053113-13, (AN) active-100286525
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Breast Screening Charity Disambiguate1053113-14, (AN) active-100286526
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Microbiology Charity Disambiguate1053113-15, (AN) active-100286527
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Spinal Amenity Charity Disambiguate1053113-16, (AN) active-100286528
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Carl Todd Oncology Charity Disambiguate1053113-17, (AN) active-100286529
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Dietetic Charity Disambiguate1053113-18, (AN) active-100286530
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Haematology Charity Disambiguate1053113-19, (AN) active-100286531
Stoke Mandeville Hospital MAXILLO Facial Charity Disambiguate1053113-20, (AN) active-100286532
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Diabetes Centre Charity Disambiguate1053113-21, (AN) active-100286533
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Medical Care Of The Elderly Charity Disambiguate1053113-22, (AN) active-100286534
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Gastroenterology Charity Disambiguate1053113-23, (AN) active-100286535
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Dermatology Charity Disambiguate1053113-24, (AN) active-100286536
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Care Of The Elderly Charity Disambiguate1053113-25, (AN) active-100286537
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Intensive Therapy Unit Charity Disambiguate1053113-26, (AN) active-100286538
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Orthopaedic Consultants Charity Disambiguate1053113-27, (AN) active-100286539
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Chaplaincy Charity Disambiguate1053113-28, (AN) active-100286540
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Breast Cancer Research Charity Disambiguate1053113-29, (AN) active-100286541
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Social Work Charity Disambiguate1053113-30, (AN) active-100286542
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radiology Charity Disambiguate1053113-31, (AN) active-100286543
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Maternity And Gynaecology Services Charity Disambiguate1053113-32, (AN) active-100286544
Gynaecology Research And Equipment Charity Disambiguate1053113-33, (AN) active-100286545
Coronary Care Charity Disambiguate1053113-34, (AN) active-100286546
Respiratory Research Charity Disambiguate1053113-35, (AN) active-100286547
Plastic Surgery Charity Disambiguate1053113-36, (AN) active-100286548
Accident And Emergency Charity Disambiguate1053113-37, (AN) active-100286549
Medical Wards Charity Disambiguate1053113-38, (AN) active-100286550
Eye Unit Charity Disambiguate1053113-39, (AN) active-100286551
Chest And Heart Charity Disambiguate1053113-40, (AN) active-100286552
Investigation Into Negative Cervical Smear Charity Disambiguate1053113-41, (AN) active-100286553
Hearing Impaired Charity Disambiguate1053113-42, (AN) active-100286554
Surgical Wards Charity Disambiguate1053113-43, (AN) active-100286555
Surgical Consultants Charity Disambiguate1053113-44, (AN) active-100286556
Cytology Charity Disambiguate1053113-45, (AN) active-100286557
Histopathology Charity Disambiguate1053113-46, (AN) active-100286558

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