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Basic Information
Date Fetched 11 August, 2022
Charity Name Calm Mediation
Nav Ref 1161800-1161899 | / calm / mediation /
Charity Number 1161807
Description In particular but not exclusively within the london boroughs of brent, city of london, hammersmith and fulham, kensington and chelsea, kingston, city of westminster, hounslow, hillingdon, tower hamlets and richmond (hereinafter referred to as the area of benefit):

1) for the public benefit the promotion of conflict resolution and reconciliation by providing services for the resolution of conflict between persons, families, organisations, authorities or groups involved in, or likely to become involved in, disputes and interpersonal conflict principally by way of mediation, conciliation, conflict coaching and conflict management.

2) to promote the benefit of the public in the area of benefit the provision of services mediation and conciliation between victims of crime and offenders, with a view to the preservation of public order and for the preservation and protection of the wellbeing of such victims and the rehabilitation of such offenders.

3) the advancement of education in conflict...
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Charity 1161807: Basic Info | Names | Classification | More

Calm Mediation:
Other Names
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
Calm Mediation Disambiguate1161807-0, (AN) active-100341710
Calm (Confidential And Local Mediation) Disambiguateas above, prev other-557814
Calm Disambiguateas above, working name-557815

Charity 1161807: Basic Info | Names | Classification | More

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