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Basic Information
Date Fetched 11 August, 2022
Charity Name KING'S Church WIRRAL
Nav Ref 512600-512699 | Charities: WIRRAL | / king / church / wirral /
Charity Number 512642

1)the advancement of the christian faith.

2)the relief of persons who are in conditions of need hardship or distress or who are aged or sick.

3)the advancement of education on the basis of christian principles in any educational establishment.
Website www.kingschurchwirral....
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Charity 512642: Basic Info | Names | Classification | More

Other Names
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
KING'S Church WIRRAL Disambiguate512642-0, (AN) active-100150169
The WIRRAL Christian Fellowship Disambiguateas above, prev other-141714
The WIRRAL Community Church Disambiguateas above, prev other-141721

Charity 512642: Basic Info | Names | Classification | More

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