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Basic Information
Date Fetched 25 July, 2022
Charity Name Parochial Charities
Nav Ref 205700-205799 | Charities: Oxfordshire | / parochial / charities /
Charity Number 205792
Description Income of the charities detailed as subsidiary numbers 4 to 11 to be divided between the parishes of east hanney, west hanney and lyford in accordance with clauses 17(

2), (

3) and (

4) of the scheme of 5 june 1928 as amended 18 july 2010 for the benefit of the poor
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Charity 205792: Basic Info | Names | Classification | More

Parochial Charities:
Other Names
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
Parochial Charities Disambiguate205792-0, (AN) active-100039053
HANNEY Parochial Charities Disambiguateas above, working name-244147
East HANNEY Parochial Charities Disambiguate205792-1, (AN) active-100002882
Percy Smith Disambiguateas above, prev other-2900
West HANNEY Parochial Charities Disambiguate205792-2, (AN) active-100002883
LYFORD Parochial Charities Disambiguate205792-3, (AN) active-100002884
The Ashcombe Charities Disambiguate205792-4, (AN) active-100002885
Lady LYDCOTT Disambiguate205792-5, (AN) active-100002886
John Godfrey Disambiguate205792-6, (AN) active-100002887
Belcher's Bread Charity Disambiguate205792-7, (AN) active-100002888
William Brooks Disambiguate205792-8, (AN) active-100002889
Percy Smith Disambiguate205792-9, (AN) active-100284888
POOR'S Houses Disambiguate205792-10, (AN) active-100284889
James Macdougall Disambiguate205792-11, (AN) active-100284890

Charity 205792: Basic Info | Names | Classification | More

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