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Info about: The Salvation Army

Charity Number: 214779
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check

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This charity has a purpose described as:

The advancement of the christian religion, as professed, believed and taught by the army and, pursuant thereto,- the advancement of education- the relief of poverty; and- other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole


Please go to the Charity Commission website for the complete official details.


The list below contains all names that The Salvation Army did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 214779
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
The Salvation Army Disambiguate214779-0, (AN) active-100046702
S E Anderson Bequest Disambiguate214779-1, (AN) active-100008616
W J Bailey Bequest Disambiguate214779-2, (AN) active-100008617
A E Hunter And M C Moorhead Bequest Disambiguate214779-3, (AN) active-100008618
Dr Adam MATHERS Bequest Disambiguate214779-4, (AN) active-100008619
The Self-Denial Fund Disambiguate214779-5, (AN) active-100008620
The Maintenance Fund Disambiguate214779-6, (AN) active-100008621
W G BARRATT Bequest Disambiguate214779-7, (AN) active-100008622
Samuel Berresford Bequest Disambiguate214779-8, (AN) active-100008623
Joseph Ridley For Corps Of The Salvation Army Disambiguate214779-9, (AN) active-100008624
Star Hall Trust Disambiguate214779-10, (AN) active-100008625
E S Brant (Hull And LINCS) Trust Disambiguate214779-11, (AN) active-100008626
L Hinchliffe Trust Disambiguate214779-12, (AN) active-100008627
P And E Brand Bequest Disambiguate214779-13, (AN) active-100008628
Edward And LILLIAN Emily BUDGEON Bequest Disambiguate214779-14, (AN) active-100008629
George BURRILL Bequest Disambiguate214779-15, (AN) active-100008630
G O Butcher Bequest Disambiguate214779-16, (AN) active-100008631
A E Collister Bequest Disambiguate214779-17, (AN) active-100008632
Mrs J M Campbell Disambiguate214779-18, (AN) removed-100008633
J Carnegie Bequest Disambiguate214779-19, (AN) active-100008634
Mrs A Cruikshank Bequest Disambiguate214779-20, (AN) active-100008635
CARNABY And Charlton Bequest Disambiguate214779-21, (AN) active-100008636
Sidney Edwin Chalk Bequest Disambiguate214779-22, (AN) active-100008637
Mrs Catherine Chapman Bequest Disambiguate214779-23, (AN) active-100008638
J Cobb Bequest Disambiguate214779-24, (AN) active-100008639
Horace Theodore Couch Bequest Disambiguate214779-25, (AN) active-100008640
Miss K M CORDEUX Bequest Disambiguate214779-26, (AN) active-100008641
Mrs Clara Corner Bequest Disambiguate214779-27, (AN) removed-100008642
Charles James DANIELL Bequest Disambiguate214779-28, (AN) active-100008643
Major Elizabeth DANLEY Bequest Disambiguate214779-29, (AN) active-100008644
Samuel William Day Bequest Disambiguate214779-30, (AN) active-100008645
Mrs Clara Corner Bequest Disambiguate214779-31, (AN) active-100008646
J E DOWLAN Bequest Disambiguate214779-32, (AN) active-100008647
George Dale Bequest Disambiguate214779-33, (AN) active-100008648
The George And Florence Devereux Trust Fund Disambiguate214779-34, (AN) active-100008649
John Sefton DYSON Bequest Disambiguate214779-35, (AN) active-100008650
Daniel Evans Bequest Disambiguate214779-36, (AN) active-100008651
Margaret Francis Or Parr Bequest Disambiguate214779-37, (AN) active-100008652
J A Farrow Bequest Disambiguate214779-38, (AN) active-100008653
P J Galloway Bequest Disambiguate214779-39, (AN) active-100008654
J K Gordon Bequest Disambiguate214779-40, (AN) active-100008655
William Hamilton Bequest Disambiguate214779-41, (AN) active-100008656
Mrs W E PAIRMAN Bequest Disambiguate214779-42, (AN) active-100008657
The General Of The Salvation Army Fund Disambiguate214779-43, (AN) active-100008658
B Glover Bequest Disambiguate214779-44, (AN) active-100008659
William HARTLEY Bequest Disambiguate214779-45, (AN) removed-100008660
Miss Emma Gertrude Harvey Bequest Disambiguate214779-46, (AN) active-100008661
Miss E M HEAWARD Bequest Disambiguate214779-47, (AN) active-100008662
S Hern Bequest Disambiguate214779-48, (AN) active-100008663
Edward Jeffrey Bequest Disambiguate214779-49, (AN) active-100008664
Mrs L W Jones Bequest Disambiguate214779-50, (AN) active-100008665
William Jones Bequest Disambiguate214779-51, (AN) active-100008666
The Mary HIGGS Charity Disambiguate214779-52, (AN) active-100008667
Randolph MEAKINS Trust Disambiguate214779-53, (AN) active-100008668
Dr Helen Lamberty Memorial Fund Disambiguate214779-54, (AN) active-100008669
Miss Mildred Leach Bequest Disambiguate214779-55, (AN) active-100008670
David A Louis Bequest Disambiguate214779-56, (AN) active-100008671
J D MARSDEN Bequest Disambiguate214779-57, (AN) active-100008672
John Masterton Bequest Disambiguate214779-58, (AN) active-100008673
The Leeds Guardian Home Disambiguate214779-59, (AN) active-100008674
Samuel And Sarah Megarity Bequest Disambiguate214779-60, (AN) active-100008675
Alfred Merchant Bequest Disambiguate214779-61, (AN) active-100008676
Alfred Newton Bequest Disambiguate214779-62, (AN) removed-100008677
John Newberry Bequest Disambiguate214779-63, (AN) active-100008678
A Pollard Bequest Disambiguate214779-64, (AN) active-100008679
The James Porter Salvation Army Charity Disambiguate214779-65, (AN) active-100008680
Miss Mary Ann Rollinson Bequest Disambiguate214779-66, (AN) active-100008681
M R Russell Bequest Disambiguate214779-67, (AN) active-100008682
Lady Seaforth Bequest Disambiguate214779-68, (AN) active-100008683
E M SIFLEET Bequest Disambiguate214779-69, (AN) active-100008684
Annie Ronald Bequest Disambiguate214779-70, (AN) active-100008685
Nurse A Scott Bequest Disambiguate214779-71, (AN) active-100008686
Commandant John Slater Bequest Disambiguate214779-72, (AN) active-100008687
Adam C Smith Bequest Disambiguate214779-73, (AN) active-100008688
The Frank STEPEHN Fund Disambiguate214779-74, (AN) active-100008689
Joseph Stone Trust Disambiguate214779-75, (AN) active-100008690
W J M Dicks Bequest Disambiguate214779-76, (AN) active-100008691
Miss J Smith Bequest Disambiguate214779-77, (AN) active-100008692
David Stephen Bequest Disambiguate214779-78, (AN) active-100008693
J Sutherland Bequest Disambiguate214779-79, (AN) active-100008694
J I Watson Bequest Disambiguate214779-80, (AN) active-100008695
Mrs Laura E Stuart Disambiguate214779-81, (AN) active-100008696
Mrs L A Suffield Bequest Disambiguate214779-82, (AN) active-100008697
Benjamin G Tompkins Bequest Disambiguate214779-83, (AN) active-100008698
Miss F Waddicor Bequest Disambiguate214779-84, (AN) active-100008699
Dr Joseph Ward Bequest Disambiguate214779-85, (AN) active-100008700
William Ward Bequest Disambiguate214779-86, (AN) active-100008701
Alfred Orchard Weeks Bequest Disambiguate214779-87, (AN) active-100008702
Thomas WHEWELL Bequest Disambiguate214779-88, (AN) active-100008703
W H Wilkin Bequest Disambiguate214779-89, (AN) active-100008704
Miss ROSINA Willey Bequest Disambiguate214779-90, (AN) active-100008705
Major Charles Williams Bequest Disambiguate214779-91, (AN) removed-100008706
J G Woodward Bequest Disambiguate214779-92, (AN) active-100008707
Charity Of Sarah Charlotte WHITELL Disambiguate214779-93, (AN) active-100008708
William Booth Memorial Trust Disambiguate214779-94, (AN) active-100256327

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