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Royal Medical Benevolent Fund

Charity Number: 207275
Entity's Status: Active

Website: www.rmbf.org
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This charity has a purpose described as:

To prevent or relieve poverty and to relieve need arising from youth, age, ill health, disability and bereavement among people who are doctors or who have worked as doctors, and medical students and the dependants of such individuals more?
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Royal Medical Benevolent Fund:
Other Names
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
Royal Medical Benevolent Fund Disambiguate207275-0, (AN) active-100040363
RMBF Disambiguateas above, working name-266690
Charles Bailey Disambiguate207275-1, (AN) active-100003819
John Morgan Fund Disambiguate207275-2, (AN) removed-100003820
The Dunlap Gift Annuities Disambiguate207275-3, (AN) removed-100003821
Annie GRAHAME SEWELL Disambiguate207275-4, (AN) removed-100003822
Samuel KIDD Fund Disambiguate207275-5, (AN) removed-100003823
Westmorland Lodge Fund (Incorporating The Arthur Holdsworth Davis Fund) Disambiguate207275-6, (AN) removed-100003824
Dr T C Craig Fund Disambiguate207275-7, (AN) removed-100003825
Bessie Jane GIFFEN Bequest Disambiguate207275-8, (AN) active-100003826
Dr H E Durham Bequest Disambiguate207275-9, (AN) active-100003827
James LAING SALMOND Fund Disambiguate207275-10, (AN) active-100003828
LILLA Rose Fund Disambiguate207275-11, (AN) active-100003829
The BURNEY Yeo Bequest Disambiguate207275-12, (AN) active-100003830
Margaret HARKER-Smith Disambiguate207275-13, (AN) removed-100003831
Henry Wickcliffe Fisher Memorial Fund Disambiguate207275-14, (AN) removed-100003832
The Thelwall Thomas Fund Disambiguate207275-15, (AN) removed-100003833
Dr SOWRAB Hormasji KUTAR Memorial Fund Disambiguate207275-16, (AN) removed-100003834
The Job Trust Disambiguate207275-17, (AN) active-100269409
The Essex And Hertfordshire Benevolent Medical Society Fund Disambiguate207275-18, (AN) active-100269411
The Devon And EXETER Benevolent Medical Society Fund Disambiguate207275-19, (AN) active-100269410
EASTES Endowment Fund Disambiguate207275-20, (AN) active-100310308
Royal Medical Benevolent Fund:
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